All what you need to setup Traact are two internet enabled devices with a modern web browser. One with a camera takes photos and video clips, the other acts as a portal where you can watch what's Traact.

  • 3 Sensors

    Control when a recording should happen. Choose between interval, image difference or motion detection sensor.

  • Up to 8 webcams

    Create complete monitoring solutions with up to 8 internal or external USB webcams.

  • PWA - Progressive Web App

    The web is the app. Installable, responsive, cross device, cross plattform, cross browser application.

  • Low costs

    Very low costs because you can use devices that you already own.

  • Deletion policies

    Choose from 5 deletion policies to automatically delete your recordings.

  • Cloud portal

    Watch live synchronised content remotely via a cloud-based portal application.

  • Sensor activity times

    Define time periods in which sensors should be active.

  • Live video stream

    Enable a live video stream on demand on every connected camera and observe what´s going on.

  • Image & Video Recordings

    High resolution images or HD video recordings

  • Fastest Setup ever

    Pair cameras with the portal by QR code scanning, use our Quick Setup Assistant for super-fast setup for on-demand tracking.

  • Web push notifications

    Get notified when a new recording has been made.

  • Reduce & Compress

    Image post processing for faster up and downloads

  • Customizable portal UI

    Position and sizing areas for your camera recordings.

  • Fair pricing plans

    Choose from different cloud storage plans based on your requirements.

  • Create time lapse videos

    Take lots of snapshots and use them to create a time-lapse video with dramatic background music.



When you need to take action and protect your belongings...

It was funny at first when Jess realised that her pencils were mysteriously disappearing from her dorm room. But as time went by, she began looking at her flatmates suspiciously and even asking them if they knew anything about it - of course, they never did.

Jess realised that while it was only pencils, she had a security issue on her hands, and didn’t like the thought of someone else being in her room when she wasn’t there. She decides to use Traact as a home security camera app to protect herself, so she sets it up on her Notebook left open on her desk, configured with a motion sensor and HD video recordings as well as push notifications.

Become your own detective and take control of your space.


When you need to safeguard your dreams.

After years of business school, Rahul has finally opened up his own tech shop. However, one thing he never learned about was how much of an issue shoplifting really was, and now it’s gotten to a level where it’s threatening his business’ success.

As he’s just starting out, he doesn’t have the budget for a big security system. All he has is an old Windows laptop, a webcam and a couple of smartphones - but that’s no issue for Traact.

He sets up Traact’s security camera system on his laptop, then connects it to the webcam and the smartphones placed discreetly around the shop as security cameras. Configured with a motion sensor, 4:3 VGA at a low frame rate, and a 30-day auto-delete policy, the footage isn’t too hard on his cloud storage, and his store is protected 24/7.

Protect yourself and your possessions with security systems made simple.


Making your world the safest it can be.

When Elena walks down the street, people notice her. She enjoys spending her time out and about, going dancing with her friends and living up her youth - but unfortunately, with the positive attention she gets also come uncomfortable and even dangerous situations.

For the past few weeks, Elena has noticed seeing a particular man one too many times next to her in line, behind her as she’s walking home, and even lingering on her street.

She decides to not risk her safety by ignoring it, so she uses the Traact security camera app on her tablet and smartphone to capture high resolution images any time there is movement outside the front of her house. Elena’s hoping she can get enough incriminating footage to get a restraining order from the police and protect herself.

Don’t risk your personal security - do something about it.


When you need reassurance… or proof.

Patricia hasn’t been married for longer than two years, but already she senses that something isn’t right in her relationship. She’s got her doubts of infidelity, and talking to her husband about it isn’t getting her anywhere.

To resolve her questions, she decides to use Traact set up as a home security system on her phone and tablet. Patricia connects it to a camera that she places discreetly in the house, and with a motion sensor, HD video recordings and push notifications, she instantly knows when something has been recorded.

With surveillance, she finds the certainty she needs.